There were only three things that made me "hurt" going keto:

  1. Potatoes. My parents used to actually call me "the potato whore."
  2. Pasta. Living in Italy for four years is a hard habit to break.
  3. Beer.

The last one is arguably the hardest because I'm a home brewer. It's amazing to drink your own beer and enjoy something the equivalent of Westvleteren 12.

So, now I've been drinking a lot of White Claws, not because my name is Becky, but because I love the convenience of a canned drink that's low in carbs (2g net) and tastes good.

They are also 5% ABV, which is the equivalent of most normal beers.

And then there's the cost. White Claw on sale is still more than $1 a can. That adds up.

So, what if you like bubbly-fruity delicious tastiness, low carbs, you're a cheap-skate, and you like to get crunk?

Say no more, fam, I got you.

The Keto Red Berry Spritz

  • 2oz Red Berry Vodka
  • 0.5oz Pure Cranberry Juice
  • 0.5oz Pure Lime Juice
  • 4oz Strawberry Bubly


  1. Fill a small-to-medium tumbler half full with ice.
  2. Add the juices and vodka, stir
  3. Top with the bubbly

Enjoy your life-changing experience.

So, let's review though...

Based on current prices, you're paying $0.152 for the cranberry juice, $0.173 for the lime juice, $0.709 for the vodka, and $0.154 for the bubly. Net cost: $1.21, for 7oz of 20 proof (10% ABV) with 1.2g net carbs.

For comparison, a White Claw is $1.25 for 12oz of 10 proof (5% ABV) with 2g net carbs.

The cost per ounce of liquid actually favors White Claw, but I can find myself easily drinking six White Claws. At that point, I'm in for $7.50, and have had 12g carbs. To consume the same amount of alcohol with our "pink drinks," I've spent $3.63 and consumed 3.6g net carbs. And I'm probably not going to fool myself into thinking I can drive because if I didn't space them out, I can actually feel something neurological from the alcohol. I've NEVER felt anything from White Claw.